Ways for Kids to Generate Ideas for their Writing.

Ways for Kids to Generate Ideas for their Writing.


One of the most common barriers for children with writing, is coming up with ideas for their stories. It can be really difficult for them to think of things to engage their imaginations and then in turn, to develop a story they enjoy writing. This can sometimes be more of a problem for boys who can struggle to generate ideas related to topics they like and find motivating.


  1. First things first, get comfortable. Some kids like sitting at a desk, others prefer lounging on a bean bag in order to create the next big story! Being in the right surroundings can really help get their creative juices flowing!
  2. Comic books can be a great source of inspiration for someone struggling with ideas, especially as pictures often spark story-lines and characters.
  3. Get them to think about drawing their own storyboard, just like a comic strip and go from there….
  4. What have they seen today? Did they spot anything out of the ordinary when driving to school? People/animals/traffic?
  5. Some great prompts to use are: 

      a) something they remember, 

      b) something they've imagined, 

      c) something they’ve dreamt about, 

      d) something they've observed, 

      e) something they wonder about. 

 Or simply, get them to write about what they know and love.

 6) Using ‘Google’ is a great way to spark a child’s imagination and start funny conversations. Type in something like ‘a dog snowboarding’ and look at the images to begin the basis of a story and help them think of some useful adjectives or vocabulary to describe the scene and characters.

 7) Use a ‘story box' that you fill with objects, toys or words based around a theme, e.g. ‘superheroes’ and then ask your child to add everything in the box into their writing to make a short story.

8) Look at the little characters on 'Ta doodle dah' stationery to inspire ideas for characters or a magical world.

 Remember, writing helps children share their thoughts with the world and they really do have amazing imaginations! Any writing done at home is fun, so don’t worry about spelling and grammar mistakes; first and foremost, it’s all about the words, the sentences and the ideas. Have fun!