Fun ways your children can use their stickers.

Fun ways your children can use their stickers.


All kids love stickers… I know I find them all around the house, on the walls, on bed frames, on me…. But there are better ways your children can be using their stickers and in educational ways too… Here are some ideas I have come up with….


1) Ask your children to give each sticker a name and see if they can think of adjectives to describe them and their personalities? E.g. Is Rainbow Sparkles the unicorn funny, kind…etc?

2) They could stick 1, 2, 3 or however many they want together at the top of a page and write a story about them and what they get up to… Is it a funny story, a superhero story?

3) They could copy them and colour them in. Maybe they could colour them in different colours or recreate them and design their own characters.

4) If they are writing a note to someone or a thank you card, they could use the stickers to decorate it. My children love taking little notes into school for their friends and stickers are a must!

5) Younger children could stick them onto paper and practice their numbers by writing underneath and numbering them.

6) Swap stickers with their friends! This was a huge craze when I was at school….furries anyone?

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