All children are gifted....

As I watch my kids grow and develop I am becoming more aware of not only their little personalities, but also their strengths, what they enjoy and which activities are perhaps, their least favourite. As parents we want to nurture their emerging talents and ensure they don’t miss out on anything they could potentially enjoy or become good at.

 Yesterday my eldest daughter did not get the part she wanted in the school play and she was upset. As parents we are always navigating unchartered waters and dealing with situations we have never had to face before. We deal with the highs and the lows, the successes and the failures, all as we go along, guessing the right way to handle a situation. Failure can be character building for a child in the sense that it allows them to build resilience as they learn how to pick themselves up when they fall down. However, my daughter has been in this situation before and as a parent it can be hard to watch them so disappointed, as you always want them to succeed in everything they do. But just because she is not getting the desired part in the play right now, it doesn’t mean she won’t have her moments of success further down the line and that is what I tried to explain last night.

 All children are different and have skills, talents and gifts that will reveal themselves at different times of life. My same daughter also struggles with her spelling and although she is finding it tough now, I know she will get there in the end, as she has the imagination to become a great little writer. This is one of the reasons why I am passionate about getting kids to write for fun. I wanted to design and create prints that primary school aged children would love and hopefully motivate them to write or doodle as well as spark their imagination. 

 Writing allows children to express their feelings and encourages a higher level of social awareness and sensitivity. This ties in with supporting a child’s mental well-being and can also build confidence. When you write a letter to someone, it’s mostly to try and make them happy and staying in touch with loved ones and friends does just that. Who doesn’t love receiving a little hand-written note? I know I do….

I also know that my daughter will succeed in her own way with her own talents and skills. She may not be top of the class right now or the best speller in the universe, but I don’t care. She is happy, she is curious, she is growing in confidence and she is all mine -  also, I know she will be the best part in the school play because I will only be looking at her.