15 fun ways to get your kids writing at home...

As parents, we all dread those words ‘I’m bored!’, especially when they are uttered 3 mins and 56 seconds into the holidays…gulp. Well, help is at hand with this list of fun activities to get your little ones writing at home, FOR FUN!! Yes, for fun indeed!

  1. Get them to make a treasure hunt and yep, you guessed it, they have to write the clues. This is great for any season and to get them either running around the house or the garden. If you have younger kids they could draw the clues AND to make this activity even more attractive, you could throw in some sweets as the grand prize! Yay!
  2. Write a supermarket shopping list. I always find that if I catch my kids in the right mood, they actually love being helpful!
  3. Most kids love a bit of role-play and it’s easy to incorporate writing into playing ‘schools’ or ‘mummys and daddys.’
  4. Get them to make up a magic potion recipe and write it down before making it. This is especially good for spring and summer when they can be out in the garden.
  5. If your children are old enough to mess about on the computer, why not get them to make a PowerPoint? They simply choose a topic they are interested in, add in a few photos or gifs and write some text. They then get to present it to you afterwards!
  6. Stickers are a great way to encourage kids to create stories and characters. Can they think of their names/personalities or even the adventures that their little characters might go on?
  7. Does your child have a fairy door? My girls love writing mini messages to their fairies and seeing what they reply in the morning….Hmm, yeah, that might be the hard bit, sorry!
  8. Is there a family member they haven’t seen for a while? Could they write their cousin a letter or see how their Auntie in Australia is getting on? This doesn’t have to be a long letter, just a notecard or a few lines.
  9. If it’s nearly Christmas, then a letter to Father Christmas is a great motivator for writing a list. Or, if it’s June rather than December, you could encourage them to think about what they might like to spend their pocket money on when you next head out to the shops…
  10. If your child is at primary school, the likelihood is that they’ll have the odd spelling test. I’ve found having a mini white board is a great way to practise spellings… We are usually a bit disorganised and do it around bedtime, but they love sitting in bed with their white boards doodling, writing, and er, practising spellings….
  11. If your kids are creative, they might like to design a comic book. Staple some paper together into a booklet and get them to draw characters with speech bubbles and of course, get them to write in what they are saying.
  12. Why not get them to write a recipe? Then if you are brave, attempt the baking bit and if you are even braver, the eating part. Mmmmm, mmmmm, yum!
  13. Older children could create their own spy school and make up a code. Letters corresponding to numbers or symbols etc… Then they can write secret messages without you knowing what is going on!
  14. Is there a thank you that they still need to write because their birthday was like, 3 months ago?….er, ahem, we’ve all been there…
  15. And finally, a lovely activity to do, more so at the end of the day, is to write down what they are thankful for. For example, what made them happy today? Why was today fun? Was there anything in particular that made them smile?


So writing at home doesn’t have to be boring! Your little ones will be writing away as part of a fun activity and won’t even realise it might be helping them because they’ll be having too much of a good time! Plus, you’ll feel like you’re winning as a parent without even trying….Now that's a win win!

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