10 ways to encourage writing at home for fun using role-play.

10 Fun Role-Play Ideas to Encourage Your Kids to Write at Home (without them even realising it!)


Role-play activities are the best way to get younger children to put pen to paper at home for fun. Here are a few of my favourites!


  1. At the Post Office

This is a firm favourite in our house. Get the kids to make a post box, write letters to family members, add envelopes, addresses, stickers and you’ve got hours of fun! They love delivering the letters to you too!


  1. At the Hairdresser’s/Salon

Set up an appointments book and get them to think of all the different services their salon offers from haircuts to nails and massage. They can book customers in and note down the details as they go.


  1. At the Vet’s

Get soft toys, real pets, a doctor’s kit, some paper and a pen and they’re good to go! They can note down information about what’s wrong with the pet, as well as ‘name,’ ‘age,’ ‘address’ etc….


  1. At the Doctor’s

It’s important to note down all the patient’s information, including name etc. as well as what is wrong with them and the treatment they need.


  1. At the Police Station

Who has been arrested? What have they done? What will happen to them? All great inspiration to get creative…


  1. At the Travel Agent’s

Transport? Country? Passenger details and times. All very important information at the travel agent’s!


  1. At the Library 

Grab some books to create a mini library and make some library cards - some stamps would be great here too!


  1. At the Restaurant

Create their own menus/recipes and make their own restaurants with waiting staff ready to note down your orders!


  1. At the Shop’s

Shopping lists at the ready! What do they need for breakfast, lunch, dinner?


10) A lovely activity is when they take inspiration from their favourite films/books and write scripts to put on a play. My kids did this at Christmas after watching ‘The Nutcracker’ for about the zillionth time… They put so much effort into it though, writing out everything everyone was going to say, it was brilliant!